Gift Planning

Conservative Legacy Society

The CPI Legacy Society is a very special group of conservatives who support the Partnership's long-term vision by remembering CPI in their will, designating CPI as a beneficiary, or making a planned gift.

At the heart of the word "Legacy" is the concept of ambassador or envoy. These very special members have chosen to send CPI as their envoy to the future, representing their values and interests for the benefit of the country. They recognize that it will take decades of tireless work to defend and restore America's founding principles.

Benefits of Joining the Conservative Legacy Society

  1. Knowing that your conservative values will be carried on well into the future by ensuring that CPI will always be in Washington fighting for freedom.
  2. The ability to strengthen the conservative movement and make a greater impact than your annual giving.
  3. The choice to designate your gift to fund CPI's current operations (thus having immediate impact), or to fund CPI's "Permanent Fund," the proceeds of which will fund the conservative movement in perpetuity.
  4. Tax savings ? for yourself, your family or your loved ones ? and thus the satisfaction of knowing your assets are going to support your vision of freedom and liberty, rather than going to fund Big Government.
  5. Invitations to CPI's annual meetings, where you will meet like-minded conservatives who share a commitment to our country, and hear from conservative leaders who are engaging in the fight.
  6. Permanent Recognition at the Conservative Partnership Institute, just steps from the Capitol Building.
  7. Regular updates and briefings about the impact that you are having through CPI's work.

How to Join the Conservative Legacy Society

  1. Remember CPI in your will or living trust. A simple sentence added to your will: "I give, bequeath & devise to the Conservative Partnership Institute, a non-profit organization located at 300 Independence Avenue SE, Washington DC 20003 (insert specific dollar amount, specific percentage of estate or specific asset) to be used for its educational and charitable purposes."
  2. Name CPI as a beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy, bank or brokerage account.
  3. Open a Charitable Gift Annuity, either for your benefit, the benefit of a loved one. This can be a current annuity or a deferred annuity.
  4. Name CPI as the beneficiary of a Charitable Trust (Lead Trust, Remainder Trust)

If you have decided to remember CPI in your will, thank you! Would you please let us know? We would be honored to recognize you. If you are considering options, we would be honored to talk with you about how CPI can ensure your values stay strong well into the future.


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